Friday, January 31, 2014

Ryan P. McAweeney: A Stellar Example of Professional Versatility

Globally recognized as the founder of Vertical Direct Marketing Group, Ryan P. McAweeney, a name synonymous with marketing excellence, has been there and done it all. This San Diego based marketing guru has been at the forefront of numerous successful marketing campaigns, creating data-driven marketing solutions using a unique multi-channel approach that identifies, targets, captures and then retains the target audience.
Ryan has been involved with the Advertising, Design, Communication and Printing industry since 1992, spearheading strategic marketing campaigns right from conceptualization to delivery. He literally made his way from the design department to the print department to sales; a journey that would take a major turn with the acquisition of his first marketing company in 1999.
Later in 2005, Mark sold this company to form AP Marketing, where he was able to turn many of his former companies’ financial clientele to the new venture, which was later renamed to Vertical Direct Marketing Group in 2008. Though the name charged, the proficiency of service delivery didn’t. Rather, Ryan handpicked all the new team members to raise the standards of service delivery even further.
Today, Vertical Direct Marketing Group has 1,000+ satisfied clients in 20 different vertical markets, mostly from the financial vertical. The widely acclaimed direct marketing services company regularly delivers six to ten times ROI to clientele, depending on various factors such as the length of the program, the control that VDMG has and the quality of the client’s sales and lead response teams.
Although Vertical Direct Marketing Group specializes in creating and implementing marketing campaigns for organizations from the finance vertical, the company also works with organizations from various other industries, including Auto, Retail and Sports entities. The group is propelled by a management team possessing more than four decades of collective experience in Marketing, Design, Direct Mail, Printing and Business Management.
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